7 Effective Hacks to Gain More Time

"Damn it," thought Cora staring at her To-Do list. "I need a housekeeper," then her more logical voice quickly chimed in, "that's stupid. I have no kids, no significant other messing stuff up." She pauses her inside voices to better analyze what she should be completing today. "It's just you and me, Obi. This shouldn't be a big deal, right? We got this. Well, I got this," she tells Obi as she bends down to give him a belly/neck rub combo before starting the laundry. "I'll first throw in a load, then, dare I say, give you a baaath!" she says singing the latter portion knowing well that Obi will not make this easy for her. Here's to Saturdays!


We all complain about not having enough time in our days or week to complete all we want to accomplish. We look back in hindsight and wonder where the years have gone, realizing how much older we are now. I will not pretend to know how to create more hours out of our 24-hour days; if I did, I would be sitting on a private island, sipping on a strawberry daiquiri under the sun, financially set for life.

What I do know, is how to make the most of each day to avoid more time consuming tasks down the road. I have a friend that tells me that she's always surprised at how much I do, at how much I'm able to juggle. Yes, I understand that this is contrary to one of my earlier posts about doing NOTHING, but as I mentioned in that article, even doing nothing can sometimes lead to the best kind of something.

Here are a few of my best practices to make sure I don't feel like the day escaped me without accomplishing a thing. Plus, it helps free up more of my weekend for the things I WANT to do instead of the things I have to do.

1. Wake up early.

  • Sleeping in should only be used as an occasional treat for the soul, like a rare piece of cake or an occasional trip to a fast-food joint. Waking up early morning sets you up for the day, and obviously, you just gifted yourself a couple more hours to get things done, whether its to catch up on emails, or meditate, workout, or just do whatever your heart desires.