A Major Staircase Makeover - Brooklyn Brownstone Inspired!

Many of us have memories associated with stairs. Sitting on the stoop of your building or porch chatting it up with your neighborhood friends. Family holiday pictures along a staircase Brady-Bunch style. A prom night or wedding day decent as your parents or date welcome you with glowing smiles. Whether you were a kid sliding down a banister or a tourist ascending the numerous steps to the top of a lighthouse, hopefully your memories were a positive one. Personally, I always dreamed of having a staircase in the heart of my new home and while it wasn’t a deal breaker when looking for a house, the stairs definitely drew me in when I saw this one. Sold!

With a little imagination and plenty of motivation (and a few extra helping hands), you can take a builder-grade staircase and personalize it to your own style.

The time had come to give our home's staircase a major makeover. We opted to change the color from natural oak to a stunning black. It now stands out and resembles the wrought iron Brooklyn brownstone aesthetic I was after and it's now unquestionably a showstopper.

We ripped out the carpet, sanded the existing treads and risers, swapped out the wood balusters with iron, repaired the landings, filled in all damaged areas and abandoned holes with bondo, installed box newel posts in place of the birdcage (volute newel), built new inner stringers, removed existing finial tops and replaced with flat caps, and painted with porch paint for durability.

The images below depict each of the "steps" we took to get our ideal staircase (pun definitely intended). Enjoy the visual journey!

This is obviously the BEFORE photo. We decided to tackle the stairs when we were getting the new floors installed. (The floors and the walls had to get some lovely updates as well. This rug wasn't cutting it).