a Seed and a Pandemic

Cora woke up, unsure what today would bring. The only thing she was truly sure of was that she was still under a pandemic lockdown along with the rest of the world and that her usual routine had been halted, along with many other things. Think! Think! Think! Instead, she began to scroll through her social media feeds to see what everyone else in the world was up to. Scroll after scroll....Fashion tips! Recipes! Crafts! Baking! Books! Home DIY's! Tutorials on how to make your own mask!

Wow! Everyone else seemed to be keeping busy and here she was, still in bed, trying to figure out how much more TP she should stock up on, and what new television show was entertaining enough to binge. More scrolling … Cats! Dance routines! Gardening! Pause....Hmmm, gardening? It seemed to have stirred something in her. The colors and the peacefulness expressed through the pictures seemed to captivate her. And down the rabbit hole of gardening videos she went. About an hour later, Cora's dog Obi sneezed and it snapped her out of this scroll trance. She smiled, and she instantly knew what her plans were going to be for today, and hopefully for many days to come.. Today was a start.

Gardening has surprisingly become an emotional and mental safe haven for me. It roused me outdoors, it connected me to nature and it provided me with a new-found respect for both our planet as well as for our farmers. Getting my hands deep in to the soil, gently planting a seed, meticulously watering it, watching the bees do their pollinating thing, witnessing growth, and ultimately tasting the fruit of my labor, was and continues to be a moving and impressive experience. An experience that without a doubt, I can comfortably recommend to everyone out there. Even to those without a yard!

It all starts with a seed and some hope.

Here are a few pretty and practical things to help GROW your motivation and maybe get you started.