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It's Spring! - a New Logo and a New Attitude is in the Air!

Spring has arrived and what a great time to take it all in! It's a season filled with new beginnings and progress. It's all around us: beautiful green lawns, blossoming flowers, buzzing bees, and even more people enjoying the outdoors fill the streets. Many consider Spring a healthy season because it promotes enjoyment, motivation, possibilities, and positivity.

As many others, we were on a much needed hiatus, but now that we're back, we've been hard at work here at The Lopez Lot, coming up with fresh ideas for you to enjoy. New articles, new adventures, new projects, and new events are all on the way, but I'd like to kick things off with introducing our brand new logo!

Creating a logo that is more of an emotion than a brand has been a long but rewarding journey. My ultimate wish would be for you to smile and exhale every time you see it, dear readers. I want the logo to accurately reflect the Lopez Lot's personality. I'd like it to be able to stand on its own and tell a story, YOUR story. I want it to be an attitude that you can relate to. But most importantly, I want you to see yourself in it.

I sincerely hope we were successful.

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  • and articles to remind us that we're all in this thing called LIFE together.

I'm glad to be back!

Your friend,

Elke Lopez

@The Lopez Lot

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