Home Sweet Home!

Relieved to finally be home, Cora places her keys into the small mosaic tray sitting on the side table, drops her bag on to the floor and slips off her shoes. Her sore, bare feet take in the soft coolness of the marble tile, then transitions to the warmth of the hardwood floors, making her way to the kitchen. It was a hectic day at the office, brimmed with meetings and conference calls leaving relatively no time to catch up with her actual work. It seems there's never enough hours in the day to truly feel accomplished she thought. With a deep breath, she reaches for the bottle of Bordeaux, retrieves her preferred wine glass from the dishwasher and pours herself half a glass. By restaurant standards this would be considered a generous 9 ounce pour and not usually offered unless at a chain. With a sip, she inhales as the spice and vanilla flavors settle gently upon on her tongue. The richness of this peppery nectar slowly travels down to her anxious center. She closes her eyes, taking in the moment so as to prolong the experience.

With glass and bottle in hand Cora makes her way to the next room, nestles in to the softness of her creamy down-filled sofa, and turns to her television for her weekly guilty pleasure of drama and romance. After she lights her cardamom and bourbon scented candle, she reaches for the chunky knit throw she usually has draped over the side for quick access. She rests both feet onto the fur-lined pouf and leans back to enjoy this evenings episode.

All seems ideal, but Cora continues to fidget, to fuss, assuming the day's events are still festering within her core. And as if lightning hit, awakening her senses, she leans forward and places her glass onto the coffee table. Moving both hands underneath her blouse, she reaches toward the back, unlatches all three hooks and wiggles her arms out of each strap. She gracefully and triumphantly removes her bra and tosses it with much disdain off to the side chair. In this very moment, all sensations prior were small in comparison to the freedom she now feels. The straps digging in to her shoulders. The confining band around her torso. The wire, stiff under her breasts. Free from all these, an aura of elation now fills the room. Another sip of wine, she snuggles back in, pulls the blanket over her legs and hits play.


Certainly you have that one thing, or two that you MUST take off , that you hurry to take off once you get home. Here are a few shared testimonials from those in my circle...

"The item I remove that provides ultimate bliss is usually my hair tie. Whether my hair is in a topknot or ponytail, once taken off, the relief I feel just makes me go 'ahhhh'. " - Shanelle

"My shoes!!! No matter if they are sneakers, slippers or boots. My feet hate shoes! They feel constricted, therefore the rest of my body feels the same...we were born barefoot for a reason." - Xiomara

"I'm sure every woman can relate, but my bra. Especially being a heavy chested girl! During quarantine at home, the "girls" have definitely felt a sense of relief being freer than usual." - Moyna

"For me it's my bra. I hate feeling restricted, so when I take it off, I feel a sense of relief and freedom. I finally know I can rest for the balance of the day." - Alexis

"The most exciting item of clothing I take off is my underwear. When I say underwear I mean both my panties and bra. It is the best feeling to be free of them. When it's time to sleep, it's best to feel your pj's with none of the underwear restrictions." - Xenia

With that said, there are those items we DO want to keep ON or keep close to us. I'm not the type of person to hold on to every sentimental item, but there are those things, those special little things that warm my insides enough to surround myself with them. We each have those items that give us all the best feels. A great piece of furniture, a soft blanket, cozy pj's, a scented candle or diffuser, your drink of choice, a beautiful journal, and even...dare I say....a comfortable bra. That level of comfort and beauty, that path to home and relaxation are all in the details.

Below are some options inspired by the story above. Some I've tried myself, and others I just have on my wish list.

I love a great catch-all dish at the front door. A very chic way to keep your keys and other trinkets organized and handy.

Positive words with a touch of glam.

Hello Gorgeous Ceramic Jewelry Dish/Trinket Tray - $15.00

Peaceful bohemian chic.

in&out Hamsa Trinket Tray - $12.89

Simplicity is key as well as elegant.

Yogee Melamine Trinket Dish (2pk) - $15.99

Lighting a candle sets the mood for relaxation and self-care. The choice of scent is a very personal decision. And a beautiful jar contributes to the visual pleasure of the moment. I own all 3 below and I'll definitely be stocking up.

A little Jasmine, a little Chai, and a whole lot of Zen!

DW Home Namaste Jasmine & Chai soy candle - $25.65