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Salmon & Scallop Ceviche

And just like that.... Spring is here! With flowers blooming, and butterflies gracing sunny skies, change is all around us. Just as a simple seed and a fuzzy caterpillar undergo grand transformation to greet the season, we too finally get to shed our Uggs and parkas in exchange for flip flops and tank tops. For many of us, the type of meals we eat also go through serious adjustments. We replace bowls of winter warm and comforting fare to more cool and refreshing dishes! In our home, the main cook, the main chef is hubby O. He spends week after week creating new recipes, combining ingredients, composing new flavors, new textures and perfecting techniques that makes mealtime always a stimulating experience.

We started the Spring with a fun and invigorating dish of fresh fish in a dashi fish broth. Cube sized raw Norwegian Salmon, Bay Scallops, diced avocado, topped with microgreens alfalfa sprouts, and black sesame seeds. Equally simple and intense!

Pair this with a chilled Rosé, and not only will your body thank you, but so will your soul. The fish is both light and an excellent source of protein. The avocado is a good fat and filled with potassium. The alfalfa is a natural detoxifying agent brimming with vitamins and the sesame seeds are rich in calcium and magnesium. I wasn't lying when I said your body will thank you.

Whatever you decide to change, however you choose to transform, be a little adventurous and try your hand at different flavors this season. You may just forget all about that wintery, steamy, gooey bowl of mac and cheese. What are your favorite Spring/Summer meals? And what's a winter meal you'd never give up no matter how warm it is outdoors?

Your Friend,

Elke Lopez

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