Sexy Care - Reinventing Valentine's Day

“This year may have been different had I been able to date normally.” thought Cora to herself as she contemplated the fact that she’s single for yet another year. “Another year alone on Valentine's Day. Another year I’ll have to avoid all social media. Avoid those annoying posts of happy couples on a date,” she said aloud to her dog Obi, with a tinge of crankiness in her voice. “Yes, yes, I sound bitter,” she confessed to him, as he jumped onto her lap to curl up as if he knew exactly what she needed at that moment. She gently caressed his back. “Well, you must be happy that I’ll be home this year instead of traveling.” Every year prior to the pandemic, Cora would make plans with her bestie, who is also single, to travel to a new destination. A true getaway from the red and pink, sugary sweet, cupid reminders that this was not their holiday.

After a brief romp with self-pity, Cora recalled a quote her mother would reference, especially during her tumultuous, angsty teen years.

“I’ll abandon everyone else’s expectations of me before I’ll abandon myself. I’ll disappoint everyone else before I’ll disappoint myself. I’ll forsake all others before I’ll forsake myself. Me and myself: We are till death do us part.” - by Glennon Doyle.

“Abandon everyone else’s expectation of me…..Till death do us part,” she whispered to herself, hearing her mother’s melodic voice coming from within her core. “Me and myself! Till death do us part.” These words kept resonating within Cora, and what came next was an epiphany into an entirely new way to perceive Valentine’s Day. With a smile, she eagerly reached for her laptop and got to work on it. And Obi was none the happier to snuggle in even closer.


Although this short story is loosely based on an actual person, Obi the dog is entirely fictional. To be honest, I wish I would have named one of my dogs Obi.

Sure, Valentine’s Day has been criticized as a consumer holiday where love has been monetized for the profit of jewelry and chocolate businesses and quickly taking over many others. But truth be told, most of us look forward to spending that day celebrating love with that special someone. What happens though if you do not have a life partner to visit that romantic 5-star restaurant with, or trade heart-shaped chocolate boxes and flowers with? Don’t fret; not all is lost, and your solution does not need to be to avoid all forms of lovey-dovey civilization for the day.

The protagonist above, (we are calling her Cora), spoke to me about her plans this year for Valentines Day. She does in fact have a date. She loves to cook and has planned out a fabulous romantic dinner. And to top it all off, she has prepared an evening filled with intimate moments to re-connect. No different than many other couples, right?