Weekend Goals - Nothing!

Outside of Cora’s window was her one-way guilt-free ticket to Nothing-Ville. Still wearing her favorite pajamas, warming both hands holding a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee, Cora watched the thick snowflakes rapidly fall, accumulating on her already fully coated walkway. This morning’s winter wonderland has halted everything outdoors, except for the squirrels and deer darting around. “Well, Obi, change of plans. It’s just you and me today,” she tells the dog as he waits patiently for his breakfast. “What to do, what to do,” she thinks to herself, trying to reconcile doing nothing with that annoying little voice telling her to be productive. Making her way to the kitchen to feed Obi, she continues a mental checklist…“There’s the stupid laundry and the bathroom, but I so wanted to binge that show. I mean, I could multi-task. Ughh! I hate laundry.” She eventually plops down onto the sofa, and Obi plops down beside her. “Should we do nothing today, Obi?” Obi seems preoccupied with his stuffy toy. “Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!” she chants in a childlike tone nodding her head to the beat of her voice, and then fondly remembers a quote from the Christopher Robin movie that bonded with her soul a few years back.

“Doing Nothing Often Leads to the Very Best of Something!”

That was enough to convince her. Cora prepares herself avocado toast, serves herself another cup of coffee, grabs the remote, and tells Obi to brace himself for pure bliss of nothingness today, and two seasons of Schitt's Creek.


Is Doing Nothing a Good Use of Your Time?


Don’t feel bad about it either. According to The World of Physics (Of course I had to look this up), Nothing IS actually Something. Sure, it’s more complex than that, with big scientific words, but for the sake of our conversation, lets just roll with it. ***Full Disclaimer: This does NOT apply to the habitually lazy, slacking, freeloading individual. This is dedicated to all those busy-bee folks (me included) that find it difficult to indulge in any true downtime.

Finding a moment of personal time can be challenging to many individuals. And most of us have convinced ourselves of the notion that once this time is carved out, be it an entire weekend, a day, or a few hours it should be somewhat “productive”.

Productive can mean different things to different people. As with Cora's dilemma, laundry and cleaning the bathroom are easily classified under the productive category. But there are those that believe doing the things they love to do is productive as long as it's filled with activity. How was your weekend one may ask another. Well, let me tell you... I went hiking, went to the movies and watched an amazing film, visited a museum, went golfing, I went to a restaurant, visited the zoo, worked on m