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I Love You More Than That!

When three brothers decide to tell their mom how much they love her, they quickly discover just how smart she is. How did Mom even know that? Determined to stump her, Taylor, Cristian, and Preston whip up far-out phrases to express their love. Will Mom be able to keep up with them? How many facts can she actually spit out? Who will win the battle of the wits? Filled with fascinating facts from the ocean to outer-space and many things in between, “I Love You More Than That!” is an entertaining story, with lively, relatable illustrations that mix family relationships with the ability to have fun learning even during chores. 

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A little about the Author, the Story, and the Characters

I'm genuinely excited to introduce to you my first book, "I Love You More Than That!"

As a writer, I never imagined I would be writing a kids' book, but then 2020 happened, and we all shifted. This bizarre, memorable year taught me that what we least expect can be our most fantastic opportunity.

Needless to say, I went from planning a novel to writing this book and couldn't be happier. ​

The inspiration for the book came from an actual bedtime routine played with my two youngest boys. They'd let me know how much they loved me, comparing their love to oddball, larger than life items or scenarios. And I'd respond with "I Love You More Than That!" And in Mommy fashion, I couldn't write a kids book without an educational element, so enter the fun facts that make this story even better. 

 Every Mom I've chatted with admits that hearing "I Love You" from their kids is like icing on a cupcake or sprinkles on ice-cream or dipping your toes into a pool on a hot summer day. It makes everything better. I'm sure this book will become a family favorite to your own lovely family.

Let's never forget to tell those around us just how much we love them. 

Your friend,

Elke Lopez

I love you more than that Russia
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